The Solar Chicken Anthem

When you find your sun is steady,
When your roof is new and ready,
When your 'lectric bill is giving you a lickin'...

there is someone waiting who will spin your meter backwards
just call for Solar Chicken

free money from the state can't over look it
Solar systems are ready so it's time to book it

he will bring a super crew
and mount the system for his boss

he will bring it fast and under budget

there is one thing you should learn
when there is no one else to turn to

call for Solar Chicken

call for Solar Chicken dot com

Call 866-40-SOLAR

Episode Title: "High Noon at High Voltage"

Scene 1: The Arrival

Setting: The quiet, sun-drenched town of Solar Springs, where the townsfolk are buzzing about the arrival of two heroes.

Plot: The EV Cowboy and Solar Chicken ride into town on their electric steed, greeted by curious onlookers. Their mission: to upgrade the town to solar power, but they find that the local power grid is antiquated and the mayor is skeptical.

Image Concept: The duo entering the town, with Solar Chicken flapping his solar panel wings and the EV Cowboy tipping his hat to the locals.

Scene 2: Convincing the Mayor

Setting: The mayor's office, cluttered with paperwork and old energy bills.

Plot: Using charm, wit, and a flip chart showing the benefits of solar energy, Solar Chicken and the EV Cowboy must convince the mayor that solar is the way forward. The mayor, a former cowboy himself, challenges them to a "solar showdown" to prove their technology works.

Image Concept: Solar Chicken using humorous charts and the EV Cowboy engaging in a friendly arm-wrestling match with the mayor.

Scene 3: The Solar Showdown

Setting: The town square at high noon, the entire town gathered to witness the event.

Plot: The showdown is a series of fun, community-engaging competitions, including a solar panel installation race and a contest to see whose device can generate more electricity to power the town's lights.

Image Concept: The EV Cowboy and Solar Chicken, working with townsfolk to install panels, with a large, humorous scoreboard tracking progress.

Scene 4: Winning Over the Town

Setting: Solar Springs' main street, now bustling with activity and powered entirely by solar energy.

Plot: As the sun sets, the solar panels prove to be a success, lighting up the town. The mayor concedes, impressed by the demonstration, and declares Solar Springs the first fully solar-powered town in the region.

Image Concept: The townsfolk celebrating around glowing solar-powered lights, with the EV Cowboy and Solar Chicken in the center, sharing a high-five.

Scene 5: Riding Off into the Sunset

Setting: The outskirts of Solar Springs, with the sunset casting long shadows.

Plot: With their job done, the EV Cowboy and Solar Chicken prepare to leave. The mayor and townsfolk offer their thanks, and the duo promises to return if ever Solar Springs needs them again.

Image Concept: The EV Cowboy and Solar Chicken riding off into the sunset, with the town waving goodbye in the background.

Closing Credits: Overlaid on scenes of Solar Springs at night, now a beacon of light and laughter, thanks to solar power.